Easy Solutions for Difficult Places

As MonoSoul Architecture; We are an architecture and design office based in Istanbul, which has been creating customer-focused, creative and different projects with our team that has many years of architecture, furniture, sales and marketing experience.

We attach great importance to details in all our projects. We, who produce permanent projects that combine tradition with modern, strive to achieve excellence.

We work hand in hand with our customers to achieve the most accurate and perfect result in every project we have done. Instead of seeing your requests in your projects as limitations; we see them as unique ideas that contribute to our design development process….

Our team is good design; consists of employees who believe that they start with observation and listening. We know that every project has a dynamic in itself and we work accordingly. We take pride in our attention to detail in all of our projects. This allows us to realize personal and company-specific designs and to create unique spaces.

Proje Müdürü


The first stages in a project are crucial to understanding customer needs. With many different vehicles, we approach our customers with the best solutions in order to know their goals, all teams from the first stage to swim in the same pool and know their planning.

Interior Architecture

With years of experience in the field of architecture, interior architecture and decoration, in order to achieve the most perfect results, we do our work meticulously and bring extraordinary looks.


Once you are in the design process, we have to dig deeper into the establishment of your project. To fully understand the future product, we need to reach the core, the roots. At this stage, we aim to obtain the best result by examining the Plan-Project studies with precision.